a(n) ______ device initiates an instruction to transmit data, instructions, or information.

A device can be (1) an electronic circuit, (2) an electronic program to be executed by an electronic circuit, or (3) a digital signal processor.

A(n) Device is a digital device that can be used to transmit information or instructions. Some of the most common devices include flashlights, CD players, video cameras, and MP3 players.

I think we all know what a flashlight is used for, and so I suppose that means it’s something that could be used to broadcast a message to a satellite or two. I do think that there is a lot of debate in the industry about whether a flashlight is a device or not, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone say that it’s a digital signal processor, or what that even means.

I think its a term people use to describe the kind of device that is used to send a signal to another device or object on a network. Some people would say that it is like a radio transmitter, and that its “a digital signal processor”, but what I have always found interesting about this is that the term “digital signal processor” is often used to describe a general purpose computer.

Im not sure if I have ever seen a device that can transmit a signal or what its called. I think if someone is asking me about the word digital signal processor I would have to go look it up.

It seems that what makes a communication between two points in the physical world happen is that they are “sending each other” information (in the language of computers). All of us have heard of the term “computer”, but what about “sending each other” information. There are many ways that you can send information to another person, and this is one of them. It’s not necessarily the digital signal processor or the computer.

The term computer is a little bit misleading, as it implies one thing. A computer can be anything that can perform “computation.” A computer in itself can only perform computations on information. In other words, it’s not a computer that receives information. It’s a computer that can perform computations on information, or information processing. Computers are devices through which information can be sent from one location to another.

So how does a computer initiate an instruction, or a transmission? It involves some sort of communication channel. A computer can be made up of different components and various types of communication channels. If you have a computer, which is a device that can perform computations, an instruction would be initiated through some sort of communication channel.

Well, the whole point of a computer is that it is a device that can perform computations, so that’s the most obvious way that it could initiate an instruction. It could be through a serial cable or some sort of electrical communication, like a modem or router, or it could be by the use of some sort of remote control. A computer could be linked to a television, a printer, or a sound system, allowing it to control those devices.

We’ve always wondered what a computer could do that a human couldn’t — be sent to an infinite void and not have to worry about anything. But as the Internet develops, we’re going to learn more about computers and the way that they work.

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