electronic information transfer

I’m not sure about what it is you just said but I have to think it was a question. I’m not really sure about what you just said either.

This might be a weird question, so let me try to sum it up. Internet access is like a free taxi service. While you can use it to get anywhere at any time, you can’t really tell where the ride is going.

Just like the taxi companies, internet access is a monopoly service. It’s a monopoly because the companies who own the network and service the content have the monopoly. The only people that can take the service away from these companies are the people that own the network and the network operators.

The internet is a huge monopoly service. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest monopoly service. You see, the internet is a very large network of computers. There are thousands of networks that use the internet. Most of them are owned by a single company called CyVerse. That company is owned by AOL. And the reason they own the internet is because AOL made a bunch of money from selling their web site to AOL and from charging for web sites.

You can imagine how this works with other companies. The networks that use the internet give them access to a lot of bandwidth. So they have to get their own bandwidth so they can sell their traffic to the big companies. For example, the companies that own the internet routers, like the Cisco routers, have to get their own bandwidth. They don’t need to get their own bandwidth from a big ISP. They can have their own bandwidth from the internet backbone.

The backbone is a network of computers that sits in a data center and connects to the internet. It’s a huge amount of bandwidth. Cisco’s website says that there’s 4.5 terabytes of bandwidth available in the backbone.

Thats huge! What is it for? Its only for transmission of information. The data needs to be processed by computers that are connected to the backbone computer.

The internet backbone is what allows computers to communicate with each other. It is not actually needed for the most part. When a computer needs to transmit information to another computer, the computer that contains the data can sit on the internet backbone waiting for the transmission to happen. The computer that gets the information then has to transmit the data to the computer that it is talking to.

In the case of the internet, the backbone computer is the computer that your ISP points to to get it to you. The backbone computer is the computer that the ISP gives you to get it to you.

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