the purpose of using categorization for remembering information is to

this is one of those questions that I get asked a lot.

The purpose of using categorization in the first place is to make it easier to remember things. We don’t want to think in terms of “how many of these people do you have to go through” or “how many of these are bad people?” because we can’t really know all that well.

The purpose of categorization is to make it easier to remember things, but it doesn’t. If we use a database to categorize things, then that means that we will be able to find things faster and easier. So we wont have to go through all of the different pages of a database to find what we’re looking for, but we will be able to find things faster, which is more important to us.

The computer scientist, mathematician, and social critic, Ronald B. Ross, is an expert in the theory and practice of categorization. He has a number of papers that show that categorization is a useful tool for remembering things, but most of the time we just don’t know enough about the topic itself to use it in a useful way.

So it is. Ross is a good example of how categorization can be used for remembering things. On Wikipedia, we can see that we can find any page by using tags. We can search by these tags, and find any page that has these tags. We can also search by date and time. If we know that the page was created yesterday, we can also use these date/time tags to find any page that has these tags.

Now when we use this tag-search, we can find any page by searching by categories. A good example of this is the page about the International Space Station. If we search for “Internet” in the Tags field, we can find any page that has the tags “Internet”, “Categories”, “Category”, “Space Station”.

A tag-search is not like a regular text search. But just like regular text search, it only looks for pages that have the tag. The only difference is that now we can search for any page by using these categories.

These tags are also called tags in the wild. They are used by webmasters to categorize their pages in various ways, such as to indicate whether they are related to a specific subject or are more general. But these tags do not replace categories because they are not used to organize pages. They can only be used to categorize pages into categories.

It’s the search that is the problem here. We want to categorize our pages so we can organize them and find them quickly. But it’s the search that will do us wrong.

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