the retention of encoded information over time is called:


This is an acronym for Access, Memory, Analysis, and Action. You are supposed to remember that, but you probably don’t. The reason you don’t is that the brain, when it’s first formed, is basically an assembly of blank slate neurons. They’re blank, they have no experience with the world. As a result, when you look at data for the first time, all you see is the data, and you interpret it as the world.

So, the idea is that the brain is like a factory that has no experience of the world and therefore doesnt store any data or information. However, if you were to actually do the process of encoding your data, it would be like you were actually forming the brain. Remember, the brain is made up of neurons, but they’re just neurons. So if you encode your data, you are actually creating neurons that are storing the data.

So in order to encode information, we have to create neurons that can store your data. So if you were to actually encode the information in this game, it would be like you were actually creating the brain. It would be like your brain had a mind, and it was forming the encoded data.

Data can be a pretty slippery subject, because it can be thought of as a form of energy. We tend to think of energy as being tangible, like a chemical substance. But the problem is that it’s actually just a form of energy. And when energy is stored in one form, it can be stored in many different forms. So whether it’s a chemical formula or a protein, you can store that data in each of those forms.

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