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What are the reasons to invest in SBI Small Cap Fund 

Are you an aspiring investor? If yes, you would be wondering if investing in funds is worth it. Well, if you are just starting new, you definitely would want some professional help and with that, you can create a better portfolio and save for your future. One such fund that is worth investing in is sbi small cap fund. There are numerous reasons behind its benefits and these perks are the reasons that make investors interested in such funds. As we go further in the article, we will discuss the reasons you should invest in SBI small cap fund. So, stay with us until the end and get to know how you can increase your investment for your future financial goals. 

Performance overview 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro at investment games. One thing that you would look for before you invest in a particular fund is the performance of the fund in the past. Isn’t it the truth? No one blindly invests in any fund; deep and thorough research is required. And if we talk about SBI small cap fund, over the past 10 years, SBI SMALL CAP Fund has achieved impressive performance in the mutual fund arena. With its outstanding performance overview, as of February 2023, its assets under management (AUM) are over Rs 15,000 crore, which is proof that this particular fund has earned the trust of investors. Performance matters a lot and investors find it easy to invest when they find that the overall performance of the fund has been proven worth the risk. 

Consistency in beating its benchmark

Another thing that matters a lot to all the investors out there is consistency. Aren’t we all aware that a fund offering high returns consistently has a high rate of investors out there as well? If we talk about the SBI small cap fund, it has shown commendable consistency, consistently outperforming both its benchmark and category peer funds. This fund’s ability to outperform its benchmark has attracted investors and that is why more and more are investing in this for their financial success. This consistency in higher returns makes this fund a reliable choice for investors. Their previous track record or history says it all. Hence, this reason cannot be overlooked. 

To sum it up, with its remarkable consistency, it has outperformed both its benchmark and peer funds. Hence, this fund called the SBI small cap fund, has emerged as one of the funds that are worth investing in. In terms of annual returns, the SBI Small Cap Fund has consistently outperformed. This outperformance has made this fund to be at the top. 


In conclusion, investing in sbi small cap fund is a good idea to begin with. With so many reasons that provoke the investors in this fund, its outperformance sets it apart from the peer funds. If you want to invest in sbi contra fund, it is advisable to go for professional guidance such as 5paisa, with their endless support, you can start your journey in the investment arena!